Event and media Solutions

The solution to your Streaming, Live Streaming, online and on-site events needs

Video Streaming Media

Integral solutions for live or on-demand audiovisual content.

We are part of the technology-based company Nektiu, which develops solutions based on disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things or Blockchain.

At Streamedia we have specialized in solutions based on Video Streaming, live, such as broadcast on demand.

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We are specialists in streaming video in HD quality from anywhere and to multiple devices.

EVENT Manager Software

Event management technology for online and on-site events.

Multimedia Platform

Video on demand and streaming platform for audiovisual content. Create your own Netflix.

IBM Video Streaming Business Partners

Scalable, cloud-based online video platform with integrated CDN.

ECDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network)

Video streaming within the company servers protected by the corporate firewall. Network security and efficiency.


Streamedia Event

Robust software infrastructure for planning online and live events. Features that include:
• Online record configurator
• Guest list management
• Dynamic and automatic creation of event websites
• Launch virtual events
• And many more functions
Event planning platform with all the tools to design unique experiences and manage events with impact.

IBM Video Streaming

A scalable, cloud-based online video platform that is a comprehensive solution for live or on-demand content for external audiences. Managed from a dashboard by account administrators, IBM Video Streaming supports complex and easy-to-use configurations, while being able to scale through integrated multi-CDN support.

Streamedia Play

Customizable multimedia content platform to create your own Netflix or Amazon Prime. Any business idea with this basic concept can be easily developed from the free, freemiun, video streaming subscription or on demand model.

IBM Enterprise Content Delivery Network

ECDN servers implemented within corporate firewalls guarantee confidentiality of broadcast content and help reduce the amount of network resources required to serve the same amount of traffic. Only the adaptive bit rate stream is downloaded through the ISP link. End users connect to the local ECDN server.

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